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    This Artificial Intelligence Super Indicator Never Loses its Mark...

    We recently discovered an artificial intelligence trading indicator that gains knowledge from its prior performance. Just consider it. Based on the data it has previously gathered, this tool can enhance its signals. It is also very simple to follow and appropriate for all markets and timeframes, which is just crazy.

    We'll explain how this magical indicator functions in this brief video, and we'll also share with you our best approach for trading IT. Please hit the "like" button on this video if you like the content. For future access to more top-notch trading content, please subscribe to our channel. So how do we incorporate this indicator into our chart? 

    To begin with, you must sign into Trading View and launch the charts. You can find machine learning by searching the indicators menu. Choose this Jde Horty indicator at all costs. With the help of a multi-dimensional feature space, machine learning is a classification algorithm that can classify historical data. 

    With the help of this indicator, you can see how Lorenz classification can also be used to forecast the course of future price movements. Perhaps best known for its use in describing the curvature of space time in Einstein's general relativity, Florencia space is used as the distance metric for a novel implementation of an approximate nearest neighbors algorithm in physics. 

    It's interesting to note, however, that this speculative idea from theoretical physics also has practical, real-world applications in trading. We won't delve too deeply into how this theory actually operates. Otherwise, this video will be far too long. Instead, let's discuss the main aspects of the indicator. These numbers, which are visible on each candle bar, will be the first to be discussed. 

    These are the classifications that the model gives each candle. Basically, higher positive numbers indicate a bullisher market, while higher negative numbers indicate a bearisher market. Sequential patterns of these numbers can be used to locate true inflection points and aid in the identification of fractals. 

    The second element of the tool is the indicator, which identifies buy and sell entry points. Lowering or increasing the opacity of labels conveys information about these signals' strength. The moving average makes up this indicator's third component. This is a kernel regression-based estimate. It provides further support for the predictions of the model using a rational quadratic kernel. 

    The final component of this indicator is the table you can see in the top right corner. Real-time trade statistics are shown in this straightforward red out. The default is 2000 bars for the number of bars you've chosen. As we can see, 83.6% of the 55 trades on Ethereum were successful. We shouldn't rely on this indicator blindly, despite the fact that it can be quite accurate. 

    We must create a reliable system of three indicators to guard against false signals. Therefore, click on the indicators once more and look for an exponential moving average. After placing it on the chart, go to its settings and change the length to 200 and the color to white. Include lagar rsi as the subsequent indicator. 

    Choose this Kiva-created one as your Bick. Following its activation, go to settings and modify the line colors under the style heading. 

    Let's now examine the strategy's justification. We must meet the following requirements in order to consider buying.  First, the price must be closed above the E m A. A long-term uptrend is indicated by this. Second, a buy signal needs to be sent by the machine learning indicator. Last but not least, when a signal of this nature is given, the blue Laer RSI line must cross the lower green band upward. 

    The concept is basic. When a security is trending upward, we want to buy. Additionally, we use the Laer R s. Si to safeguard against an overbought market. When these criteria are satisfied, place a profitable trade in order to buy at the price bar's close. The moment the indicator line turns red. 

    Here's another illustration. Keep an eye on how the price closes above the exponential moving average. The indicator determines the best price at which to execute a buy trade. The Lagar RS site also moved upwardly across the green band at the same time. 

    The following conditions must be satisfied for short entries. First, make sure to sell only when the price is less than the exponential moving average. Second, watch for a cell signal from the machine learning indicator. Third, the Lagar RSI must cross to the downside the upper red line at the moment the signal is issued. 

    The machine learning indicator must find an entry point, place a sell order at the end of the price bar, and exit a winning short trade once the line turns green. 

    For you to fully comprehend the tactic, allow us to provide one more example. As a result, the price is currently moving below the E M A. This indicates a downward trend, as we already know. Watch how both indicators support a trader's sell entry. You must heed the guidelines we just laid out for you, we beg you. Financial responsibility is also essential. 

    With the highest win rate, you can have the best strategy in the entire world. By exiting a winning trade in the manner we showed you to if your money management is subpar, however, you will gradually destroy your trading account. You could achieve significant success. Most definitely not every time. Even though your wins may occasionally be modest, when you do manage to find a profitable trade, that's when most traders will see their profits. 

    Consider leaving a like and subscribing to our channel if you liked today's video. As well as longer timeframes, you can use this method. Let's actually examine how well it would perform on the chart for five minutes. The indicator's win ratio on this timeframe is 67.9 percent, which is the first thing we notice. 

    But without the tools we've added, this wouldn't be possible. We think that the current strategy's win percentage is significantly higher. Eight out of ten trades should be profitable, according to expectations. You can verify for yourself that these signals are extremely accurate. Please share your thoughts on this indicator in the comments section. 

    Please share your smart suggestions for alternative uses with us if you have any.

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