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    There are five benefits to algorithmic trading.

    For your MetaTrader terminal, trading robots are programs. They can free up your time from repetitive tasks and from processing vast amounts of data needed for chart analysis and trading decisions. Robots automatically start and finish transactions based on internal algorithms. 

    •  1. Robotic trading never gets old, offers more trading opportunities, and operates nonstop. 
    •  2. Deals are based solely on pre-established conditions, not on emotions, so there is no human factor. 
    •  3. Robots are quicker than humans; they can analyze quotes, perform complicated calculations, and make trading decisions in a fraction of a second. 
    •  4. High calculation accuracy. There were no careless or exhausted mistakes. 
    •  5. Time can be saved by robots. You can do something else while a trading robot does the work.

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