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    Things to Consider When Choosing Your Forex Robot

    In addition to avoiding scam products, there are other considerations to make when selecting a good forex robot. 

    • 1. Track down a low drawdown rate. High drawdowns can result in higher gains, but they can also lead to an account to goon broke. This is a measure of decline and reduction of capital. 
    • 2. The best robots are rigorously tested using real tick data, variable spreads, and real slippage. Before making a purchase, you should be able to see this backtesting, and you can also get current performance information from third-party websites.
    • 3. Reviews of products from unreliable sources should be avoided. The creators will only want to display positive reviews, and users who have lost money while using a particular robot are more likely to give it a negative review. Before making a purchase, compare user reviews. 
    • 4. Use a practice account. Try a robot out in a test environment first before deciding whether to use it. This will enable you to see how it performs in test conditions, though keep in mind that test conditions cannot completely replicate a real-world trading scenario. It might be too risky to invest money in a robot if it doesn't offer a demo or test version. You can observe the robot's settings and parameters during the demonstration to become familiar with how it operates. 
    • 5. Keep in mind that supervision is necessary for all robots. Despite the fact that these robots are intended to operate autonomously, system malfunctions, connectivity issues, and catastrophic loss can still occur.

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